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STM Brass Tarnish Inhibitor Concentrate

8 fluid ounce bottle of STM Brass Tarnish Inhibitor Concentrate

  • -Helps to prevent tarnishing and oxidation of clean brass
  • -Provides a very thin molecular barrier on brass cartridges
  • -A must for high humidity climates
  • -Works best to store treated brass in air tight bags or containers.
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New Improved Concentrate Formula

Do you find cleaned brass not staying as shiny, sparkling, and clean as when it was tumbled?  We are now selling a product that helps inhibit the tarnishing of clean brass. This process is far superior to any wax or polish which can build up in your gun.

This liquid Brass Tarnish Inhibitor provides a molecular barrier to help keep the brass shiny and clean.  This product works best in higher humidity climates where tarnishing and discoloration is more common.  UPC 0643217999943.

Steps for use:

  1. -Mix 1% tarnish inhibitor with clean water
  2. -Dip clean, dry brass into mixed tarnish inhibitor until completely coated
  3. -Leave submersed for 30-60 seconds
  4. -Remove brass from solution and lay on clean, dry towel
  5. -Allow to thoroughly dry before reloading.

Sold in super concentrate 8oz. bottle.  Which will make about 6 gallons of tarnish inhibitor

Ratio Chart:

2 teaspoons to 32 oz of water

2.5 Tablespoons to 1 gallon of water

10ml to 1L of water


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does that brass need to be dry before using the Tarnish Inhibitor?

A: No, just remove as much excess water as possible.

Q: Does the solution damage or weaken the brass in anyway?

A: No it does not harm the brass in anyway.

Q: Can I use just tap water or does it need to be distilled?

A: Tap water will work, but the cleaner the water the more effective the results.  Soft water and reverse osmosis treated water works great.

Q: How many batches will one bottle make?

A: It is a super concentrate which is a 100:1 ratio which will make just over 6 gallons of solution.

Q: Can I still use the Brass Dryer after the Tarnish Inhibitor?

A: Absolutely. It works best to remove as much water as possible from the brass, then treat with Tarnish Inhibitor, then place on dryer for 15-30 minutes to dry treated cases.

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