Extreme Tumblers Rebel 17 Kit

Stainless Steel Deluxe Reloading Kit

40lb Tumbler Reloading Kit

40lb Tumbler Reloading Kit

Stainless Steel Reloading Kit

Package Deal Includes:

  • - 5lbs Stainless Steel Media (size is .047"x.255")
  • - Extreme Tumblers Rebel 17 Rotary Tumbler (click here for details)
  • - 12 oz. LemiShine Detergent

Note: The 230v is for International use and comes with a UK style plug.  You will need to supply the motor with a plug for your country. 

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Standard Reloading Kit

This kit is great if you already have a media separator (if not check out the Deluxe Kit).  Use a Lee Universal Decapping Die to deprime brass, then you can tumble dirty cases and the primer pockets will be spotless.  

  • - Tumbler holds 4 lbs of dirty brass
  • - Cleans dirty ammo cases is 3-4 hours (1.5 hours for once fired cases)
  • - Stainless Steel Media won't ever wear out or rust

This setup is comparable to the frankford arsenal platinum rotary tumbler kit but with a higher quality stainless steel drum and metal base.  The speed is just right to not damage brass cases.  

Kit comes with .047"x.255" stainless steel media that will work for all cases that haven't been resized.  

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