"After reading some reviews pertaining to your cleaning system I was curious to give it a try. Being a very passionate precision shooter and reloader I am always searching for the BEST products available to eliminate all the variables possible to achieve to upmost accuracy and consistency. Being the current IBS 1000 Yard Light Gun World Record Holder for Group and Score I know first hand what it takes to achieve the accuracy necessary to produce tiny little groups and shot placement at long range. With the help of your products I'm sure lots of long range shooters out there would be more than satisfied with the results of STM and the Thumler's Tumbler cleaning system, I know I am. My search for the absolute best brass cleaning method is over, thanks to STM."

-Tom Sarver, Thunder Valley Precision, Ohio

"Hi and thank you for your time. I want to thank you for such a great product.  I have arthritis in my hands and it took me hours of cleaning.I would use Q-tips with rubbing alcohol on the inside of each case to try and get them clean on the inside.  My hands would hurt for days after. I read about you stainless steel cleaning system on (longrangehunting.com).  I have used the Sonic systems and everything else out there.  4 hours of cleaning is no time at all compared to what I did before.

-Richard Gordon, Oregon, USA 

"Just wanted to let you know I have used the tumbler and media I received from you several times now and it is absolutely the best brass cleaning system I have ever used. I tumbled some very dirty brass and it came out sparkling clean. I was truly amazed. Thanks for a great product."

- Greg Klix,Alabama